Rehearsals for the concert on 8th February at St Michael’s Bedford Park


  • Vaughan-Willams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis [stgs]
  • Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Winds [0200/2000 stgs solo ob cl fg cor] soloists Bruno Bower, Andrew Keck, Chris Eyre, Carolyn Sewell
  • Brahms: Symphony No.2 [2222/4231/T stgs]

7th January: Full beginning with Brahms

14th January: Strings only

21st January: Strings, WW, Hns;  Brahms

28th January: Mozart

4th February: Full, beginning with Brahms

8th February at St Michaels: 2.30, Vaughan Williams; 3.00 Mozart; 4.00 Brahms.  Concert at 7.30

Rehearsals for the concert on 28th March at St Barnabas Pitshanger Lane


  • Mahler: Symphony No.7 [5( 4( 4(1.2.3.bcl) 4(1.2.3.cfg) / / T p 2Hp mand gtr stgs]

11th February: Full (run-through)

18th February: TBA

25th February: String, wind, and brass sectionals

3rd March: TBA

10th March: TBA

17th March: TBA

25th March: TBA

28th March at St Barnabas: 2.30 Full programme order TBA.  Concert at 7.30.