Rehearsals for the concert on 13th October at St Michael’s Bedford Park W4


  • Elizabeth Maconchy: Proud Thames [2222/4231/T p Hp stgs] 6 min
  • Smetana: Ma Vlast [3(1.2.p)222 /4231/T 3p Hp stgs] 72 min

Rehearsals are at Haven Green Baptist Church Hall W5 at 7.30pm unless noted.

4th September: Full.  Run through of programme

11th September: Strings only

18th September: Ma Vlast I-III / Maconchy tutti

25th September: Ma Vlast IV-VI tutti

2nd October: Ma Vlast – sections from full work / Maconchy tutti

9th October: Ma Vlast – complete / Maconchy tutti

13th October at St Michaels’ at  2.30: Full programme, order TBA