Rehearsals for the concert on 25th November 2017 at St Michael’s Bedford Park W4 – 500th anniversary of the Reformation


  • Bach/Stokowski: Ein feste Burg [4.2+ca.3+bcl.3+cfg/4441/T 3p stgs]  3 min
  • Cecilia McDowall: Floreat Oriana [2+p.2.2.2+cfg/4331/T 1p stgs]  10 min
  • Wagner: Parsifal, Prelude [3.3+ca.3.3+cfg/4331/ T stgs]  13 min
  • Wagner: Parsifal, Good Friday Music [3.3+ca.3+bcl.3+cfg/4331/T stgs] 11 min
  • Mendelssohn Symphony no. 5 – “Reformation” [223.2+cfg/2231/T stgs]  29 min
All rehearsals are 7.30 pm at Haven Green Baptist Church Hall W5 unless stated

17th October: Full; Wagner, Bach/Stowowski, McDowall, Mendelssohn

24th October: No brass; Wagner, Mendelssohn

31st October: Full; Wagner Prelude, McDowall, Mendelssohn

7th November: No brass; Wagner Good Friday, Mendelssohn

14th November: Full; Wagner, Bach/Stowowski, McDowall, Mendelssohn

21st November: Full: Wagner, Bach/Stowowski, McDowall, Mendelssohn

25th November at St Michaels: Concert order from 2.30.  Concert at 7.30.