Programme for 2018-19

13th October 2018 at St Michaels Bedford Park (6 rehearsals from 4th September)

  • Elizabeth Maconchy: Proud Thames [2222/4231/T p Hp stgs] 6 min
  • Smetana: Ma Vlast [3(1.2.p)222 /4231/T 3p Hp stgs] 72 min

24th November 2018 at St Michaels Bedford Park (6 rehearsals from 16th October)

  • Bloch: Concertino for Flute and Clarinet soloists Derek Benton and Andrew Keck [str (optional 2+p.222/4331/T p for last 14 bars) solo fl cl] 12 min
  • Brahms: Violin Concerto soloist Iwona Boesche [2222/4200/T stgs solo vln] 38 min
  • Stravinsky: Petrushka (1947) [ 3(1.2.3/p) 3( 3(1.2.3/bcl) 3(1.2.cfg) / 4331 / T 3p cel Hp pno stgs] 34 min

Sunday 9th December 2018, Family Concert at St Michaels Bedford Park (1 rehearsal on 4th December

  • Peter and the Wolf, plus carols etc

16th February 2019 at St Barnabas Pitshanger Lane (6 rehearsals from 8th January) – concert for the Ealing Music and Film Festival 2019

  • Dvorak: New World Symphony [3(p)222/4231/T 1p stgs] 42 min
  • Khachaturian: “Masquerade” Suite [2222/4231/T p stgs] 19 min
  • Nathaniel Stookey/Lemony Snicket: The Composer is Dead [2(1.2/p) 2(1.2/ca) 2(1.2/bcl) 2(1.2/cfg) /4231 / T 3p(bells) Hp stgs narrator] 30 min

23rd March 2019 at St Barnabas Pitshanger Lane (5 rehearsals from 19th February) 

  • Verdi: Requiem [3(p)224/4831/T 1p stgs SATB Soli SATB Chorus] soloists Nadine Benjamin, Monika-Evelin Liiv, Mario Sofroniou, Denis Sedov 90 min

3rd – 6th May 2019: Tour to Marcq-en-Baroeul (Lille) (Rehearsals on 26th March and 30th April)

  • Beethoven: Egmont Overture  [3(1.2.p)222/4200/T stgs] 12 min
  • Wieniawski: Legende soloist Iwona Boesche [2222/2000/stgs solo vln] 8 min
  • Dvorak: New World Symphony [2(p)222/4231/ T 1p stgs] 42 min

8th June 2019 at St Barnabas Pitshanger Lane W5 (1 rehearsal on 23rd April ,then 5 rehearsals from 7th May)

  • Mozart: Eb Piano Concerto K482 soloist Ashley Fripp [1022/2200/T stgs solo pno] 34 min
  • Strauss, R: Ein Heldenleben [4(1.2.3.p) 4( 4(1.2.Bcl.Eb) 4(1.2.3.cfg) /8532(Btb.Ttb) / T p 2Hp stgs] 50 min

6th July 2019 at St Anne’s Kew (4 rehearsals from 11th June)

  • Brahms: Serenade no 2 [2222/2000/vlas cellos basses] 31 min
  • Beethoven: Symphony no 3 [2222/3200/T stgs] 50 min