Dates and Programme for 2015-16


17th October 2015 at St Michaels Bedford Park W4 – “Magna Carta”

Concert as part of the Ealing Autumn Festival 2015

[6 rehearsals from 8th September]

  • Beethoven: Symphony no 5 [2+p;22;2+cta/2230/T stgs]
  • Copland: Lincoln Portrait [2(pic);2+ca ad lib 2+ bcl ad lib);2+cta ad lib/4331/T 3p Hp (cel) stgs Speaker]
  • Barber: Adagio for Strings [stgs]
  • Arnold: Peterloo Overture [3222/4331/T 4p Hp stgs]

21st November 2015 at St Michaels Bedford Park W4

[5 rehearsals from 20th October]

  • Prokofiev: Cinderella Suite no 1 [3333/4331/T 6p Hp pno stgs]
  • Carmichael: Trumpet Concerto (soloist Barry Yardley) [orchn TBC but within the Prokofiev]]
  • Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake Act 3 [3222/4431/T 4p Hp stgs]

6th December 2015 at St Michaels – Children’s Concert

[1 or 2 rehearsals on 24th November or 1st December]

Programme to include

  • Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf [1111/3110/ T p stgs]

6th February 2016 at  St Michaels Bedford Park W4 – Shakespeare Quatercentenary

[5 rehearsals from 5th January]

  • Debussy: King Lear Fanfare [0000/4300/T p Hp]
  • Nicolai: Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor [2222/4230/T p stgs]
  • Bridge: There is a willow lies aslant a brook (Hamlet) [1111/1000/Hp stgs]
  • Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet [2+p;2+ca;22/4231/T p stgs]
  • Purcell: Overture to Act 1 of The Fairy Queen (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) [0000/0200 stgs]
  • Berlioz: Overture to Beatrice and Benedict [2(p)222/4;2+ct;30/T stgs]
  • Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music (orchestral version) (The Merchant of Venice) [2(p)2(ca)22/4231/T p Hp stgs]
  • Walton (arr Mathieson): Henry V Suite [3332/4331/T p Hp stgs]

19th March 2016 at St Barnabas Pitshanger Lane W5

[6 rehearsals from 9th February]

  • Brahms: Double Concerto (soloists Iwona Boesche and Adi Tal) [2222/4200/T stgs]
  • Bruckner: Symphony no 4 [2222/4331/T stgs]

7th May 2016 at St Michaels Bedford Park W4 – Chamber Orchestra Concert

[3 or 4 rehearsals from 19th or 12th April]

Programme TBC

25th  June 2016 at St Barnabas Pitshanger Lane W5 – Film Concert

[7 rehearsals from 10th May]

  • Williams: ET Flying Theme [3222/4331/2perc/vib/hp/2pft(=cel) stgs]
  • Williams: Schindler’s List Main Theme [orch’n TBC]
  • Williams: Jurassic Park Main Theme [332+bcl.3/4331/timp.perc/hp.p stgs]
  • Mascagni: Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana (Raging Bull) [1+2p;120/0000/hp stgs]
  • Badelt arr Rickets: Pirates of the Caribbean Suite [332+bcl.3/4331/timp.perc/ stgs]
  • David Arnold: Independence Day Suite [orchn TBC]
  • Williams: Selection from Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI [TBC but likely 3(picc)3(ca)33(contra)/4331/timp/2perc/hp/pf(celeste) str]